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Welcome to Wellspring Psychological Services, LLC, a place for healing and for hope.  It is my hope that through my website, you will catch a glimpse of my abiding passion to work alongside people of all ages on their path to health. I strive to use my training, experience, and ongoing learning to help individuals and families reach their goals of healing, reconciliation, and growth. When healing does not happen on its own or in the usual ways, it is very easy to lose hope that change and resolution can ever take place. Once hope is lost, healing becomes even more unlikely to occur. In therapy, as patients start to experience the beginnings of understanding and change, they begin to feel flickers of hope and the healing process gains momentum! While not every ounce of pain will be healed in therapy, when enough pain has healed, hope returns. Patients are able to leave treatment with a sense of what they have accomplished and increased confidence about their ability to handle trials they may encounter down the road. When hurt and pain have healed and hope is restored, patients are also able to move on in their lives with more freedom, a better ability to live well, and an increased capacity to fully experience the goodness and joys of life. It is my aim to make Wellspring a place of safety where individuals and families can experience healing now and recapture hope for the future.